SH Day Day #8: Tents and Temper Tantrums

After a record three hours (!!) spent packing the car, making sure the cat and guinea pigs were left happy and attempting to leave the house in some kind of normal state, we left for our camping trip with friends to Newquay. As we approached our destination, the weather got decidedly more cloudy but the rain held off and the temperature stayed fairly warm as we unpacked the car and started to pitch the tent.

Whenever we go on a camping or caravan holiday, we always manage to forget something important and this time it was the washing up liquid and washing up bowl - maybe one day we'll be completely organised! We also made the mistake of putting our tent the other way, thinking it wouldn't make a difference as there are doors on both sides, however unfortunately the zip on the front door was broken so this wasn't quite true. We then also discovered we had put the groundsheet in the wrong way round meaning we couldn't secure the bottom of the third bedroom. Luckily this is just a spare area we use to put our bags in so it didn't matter that it was a bit saggy, we just left it as it was!

The girls had a lovely time during and after the putting up of the tent, running about playing with our friends children and some new friends too. They also enjoyed exploring the games room and there was even time for a little dance to the live band before bedtime. My youngest was a bit of pickle at bedtime, not being able to settle down with big sister, mummy or daddy. There was an almighty tantrum with rolling across the tent floor and screaming which I'm sure our neighbours didn't appreciate but she was then so tired she just zonked out lying sideways across the two camps beds. After that we thankfully all had a good night's sleep!

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