Review: Wildlife Jack & his Animal Adventures


Can you believe that half of 9-11 year olds cannot identify daddy long legs, a blue tit or an oak tree, yet 95% of them can identify a Dalek. (BBC Wildlife Magazine Poll, 2008) But perhaps this isn't so surprising when you consider that 91% of UK children live in cities and by the age of 9 the average child is free to wander just five metres from their front door. (Children’s Society 2007) Our children know very little about British Wildlife and this is something parents Ed and Abi Kellie would like to change through a new show for 0-6 year olds, Wildlife Jack & his Animal Adventures.

In this fun, pre-school show, curious city child Jack, aged 6, has some amazing adventures with British animals. In an usual mixture of animation and nature documentary, the programme teaches children about different native species as Jack communicates with the animals with some humorous moments along the way.


I watched the 5 minute pilot episode with my two girls (age 2 and 4). They both love animals, we regularly visit nature parks and zoos and they like programmes like Andy's Wild Adventures on Cbeebies, so as expected they were pretty engrossed! My 4 year old said she liked it because Jack was an explorer and she giggled at some of the funny parts in the film. She was able to tell me facts that she didn't know before about the two animals featured, seals and sea horses and was proud that she had learnt them. I'm ashamed to say that my 2 year old wasn't sure what the seals was, she guessed fish, so it was definitely a learning experience for her too! The show kept me amused too, which is always a good sign with a children's programme. The filming of the animals was great to watch and it has lovely music too.


Abi and Ed say:

We'd like Wildlife Jack to be THE show for young children to find out about British animals. We want to inspire them to go out and experience wildlife for themselves and have their own Wildlife Jack adventures.

They want to make 6 x 5-minute films available as a DVD and downloads and have 4.5 days left to raise a further £6500 on crowdfunding site, Kickstarter where they are raising money by people buying the finished films and children's activities. To take a look at the pilot episode and help them reach their target, take a look here.

We certainly enjoyed the pilot episode and wish Ed and Abi success with the project in the future.
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