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Once upon a time...

There was a King and Queen who had recently become parents to a beautiful baby girl. As they were now a family, they decided that their current little car was too small so they went shopping for a 'family' car. After months of research and test drives, they eventually choose a special new car: just a few years old; full of safety features and perfect for transporting their little princess! Well, that is what they had hoped.

Unfortunately, it came to pass that a terrible curse seemed to have been put on the family's new car. Over the next four years, a series of terrible events occurred, including but not limited to:

  • A flat battery just before leaving to catch a ferry to go on holiday.

  • One of the wheels mysteriously becoming loose when departing on a family camping trip.

  • The engine practically falling out (or something like that anyway)!

  • The electronic dashboard cutting out leaving no visible speedometer and a vehicle with incorrect mileage.

  • Consistently failing electric windows: one of which ended up being secured shut with duct tape as to avoid yet another £200 spend.

  • A windscreen wiper that required bending into shape each year in order to pass the MOT.

  • A incorrectly fitted cam belt causing £1000 worth of damage which when being 'fixed' was then sabotaged by an unhappy garage employee.

  • A boot which would not always lock.

  • A loose connection in the key meaning the car would not always start.

  • And finally, two burst tyres, one from the kerb outside the palace, another from a rock on a tiny country lane with two young princesses on board  (According to the King, the Queen may have been at fault in these rare instances yet still bad luck, surely?)

So after many years of saving, piling and counting the royal gold, the King and Queen banished the old car forever, so that they may no longer suffer the awful curse. They bought a lovely, new shiny car with:

  • Lots of space and flexible seating for extra passenger or carrying large items.

  • A known history.

  • A smart and clean interior.

  • Not too many futuristic gadgets to go wrong.

  • And most importantly, a 100,000 mile warranty for ultimate peace of mind.

So now the King, Queen and little Princesses can sleep easily knowing that their new, faithful vehicle will never let them down on their future family adventures. And I think you tell from the joy in our.. I mean, their little faces in the photograph!

And they lived happily ever after?


Another great competition from Money Supermarket. Maybe you'd like to give it a try:

If anyone else is interested in entering, you can find out how here.
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