Top ten 'Happy Smiley' ways to keep children active and entertained during the summer

Summer is here and it won't be long before those dreaded delightful summer holidays make an appearance! Other than a short camping trip at the beginning of the holidays and a gradual unpacking and sorting out of our new home, we don't have much planned so there will be plenty of days to fill keeping my two little ones (aged 3 and 5) entertained. Here are some of the things we hope to get up to:

1. River paddling


There's nothing like a bit of fresh water to cool off your feet on hot summer days and at 7-8 months pregnant this summer holidays I will definitely be enjoying this activity too!

2. The park


Probably the most requested activity from the children most holidays/weekends/after school, in fact all the time! We are lucky enough to have a fantastic park here in Paignton with sand and water to play in too. I expect we'll be travelling further afield for somewhere with water fountains to play in on a hot day as well.

3Somebody else's garden


In our case, Grandma and Grandad's, but any friend or relative's garden should do the trick. With new places to explore and different outdoor toys to play with, it's a brand new adventure!

4. Nature walks


It always amazes me how far my children will walk when given something interesting to look at or do along the way. When there are trees to climb, bugs and birds to spot and maybe even a duck or two to feed there is so much less moaning than on the tedious school run.

5. Exploring new places 


Days out are great especially when we discover new and exciting places. This year we have joined the National Trust so will be making the most of our membership by visiting all the local National properties and gardens.

6. Gardening


We're not doing a lot of it this year but maybe our new garden will give us some inspiration! Children love getting messy and seeing things grow so even if its just a few seeds or a bit of weeding its sure to appeal.

7. The beach

beach (2)

We're so lucky to live within walking distance of several fantastic beaches yet we still never go enough! This year we will be making the most of it.

8. Camping 


All children love camping. Even if its just one night or in your own garden and the summer is definitely the time to do it. We go on a little camping trip with friends each year at the beginning of the summer and the girls love every minute of it.

9. Summer events


Find out what's on in your local area - there's normally loads in the summer and it's often free. We have a carnival week with procession and fireworks, a children's week with activities on the seafront along with plenty other smaller events as well - better get the diary out!

10. Dens


My girls absolute favourite outdoor activity at the moment. It normally involves outdoor chairs, toys and plants being joined together with various blankets and pegs. Next, half the toys from inside are carted out and a huge mess is created! It does however keep them entertained for hours so I shouldn't complain.

I hope you enjoyed reading some of our ideas for summer activities - feel free to share your own in the comments section as we would love to try them!

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