A day of estate agents...

As you will probably be aware if you happened to notice one of the many DIY related blog posts of late, I have spent the last few months frantically wallpapering, painting and cleaning, all in preparation for the day we finally get our house on the market.

And today we are one step closer towards our new home after spending ALL DAY getting valuations fromĀ four local estate agents. We always had a favourite in mind but it seemed sensible to get a few comparisons and after a whole day of house selling talk our heads are spinning with agent's fees, VAT, EPCs etc.

The good news is that after weeks of deep cleansing and a final 2 hour whip round this morning, the house is cleaner and tidier than it's ever been. And getting it on the market soon would be a great incentive for keeping it clean for photographs and then of course the dreaded viewings... That part is my nightmare, having to provide a tidy, clean house at a moments notice with our two little whirlwinds is definitely going to be a challenge. Although saying that maybe my tidying has rubbed off as they had a great time helping me sort out out the dining room yesterday. PerhapsĀ giving them the choice to help tidy or go to bed may have helped!

So decision almost made, now for the small task of trying to find our dream future family home - wish me luck!
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