£227,266 to bring up a child?

LV have been busy doing research into the cost to bring up a child and have come the rather scary conclusion that it adds up to £227,266, that's nearly £5000 more than 12 months ago. Shockingly the cost of a child's first year now costs 50% more than in 2003. No wonder one in five parents have delayed having another child.

But does it really need to cost this much? Fair enough, if you want spend a fortune on brand new baby gadgets and designer clothes, that's fine but this is a choice after all. I'm sure nowadays there are more ways than ever to save on baby paraphernalia, from eBay and charity shops to Facebook selling pages and supermarket baby events. So I thought I would share just a few ways that we have tried to avoid some of those crazy costs during the baby years.

Making things last

When I was expecting my first child a cot was obviously one of the essentials and a cotbed seemed ideal as it's adaptability would mean it would last longer and therefore be better value. We soon found a new basic white cotbed from Babies 'R' Us reduced to half price for just £99.99. Basic and solid, the bed has gone from cot to bed for my first and then back to cot again and then bed for my second. It's lasted over 5 years and still has plenty of life left in it now!

Does everything need to be new?

With my first my parents very kindly bought me a pushchair. It would have been perfectly fine for my second but I felt strongly that I would like to have her forward facing as much as possible without being in the car seat too long. I found the ideal pushchair which I loved in Mothercare for around £300 but after some careful research and searching online I found one in perfect condition on Ebay and managed to get it for under £100. As much as I loved it, when considering that within a year I swapped to using a light-weight buggy, my bargain was much better value.

Have fun searching for bargains!

Buying clothes for your little one has to be one of the most fun parts of becoming a parent. All those cute little outfits are so irresistible, I know, but there are so many great bargains to be had in the sales and some fantastic things in the charity shops or second hand that it simply doesn't make sense buy everything new. Despite being very fussy (I would never buy anything which looks worn or used) I have found loads of charity shop bargains for under £1 including a matching GAP denim skirt and top in as new condition for my 5 year old.  Babies get little use from most of the fussy outfits anyway and then they go to nursery where they spend all day covering themselves in paint, play dough and mud - so I definitely believe in a few special outfits and the rest being things you wouldn't get upset about if they got ruined!

Please feel free to share the ways you save money on child and baby items in the comments below.

If want to find out more about LV's research, you can read the full report here.

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