A Broken Bath and Burst Pipes: Joys of a DIY weekend!

We have lived with our 1970's coloured bathroom suite since we moved in 4 years ago but only recently mustered up the energy (and money) to get rid of it. It seemed like a good idea, not only a nice update of a room we use all the time but a good investment for a house we are likely to sell in the next few years. It was going to be a budget renovation that would take place during the summer holidays. However time passed quickly and as I investigated various baths, taps, paint charts, tiles, bathroom accessories etc. I became more and more determined that I was going to create a relaxing sanctuary for me to escape to when the kids are in bed to enjoy a big bubbly bath and maybe even a glass of wine!

The much anticipated bathroom was due to fitted on Wednesday and Thursday last week, I imagined I would paint over weekend, lino would be fitted today and then tada! New bathroom. Sadly it has not run so smoothly.

Firstly the refit was delayed by a day, no problem at all. But then it was discovered the bath was faulty. Thankfully it is being replaced but we will have to wait until end of next week. Oh well, at least we had a toilet and a sink for the time being and we have a separate shower so washing wasn't an issue. However Friday evening I noticed a wet patch on the kitchen floor and a drip of water coming from the ceiling. The plumber was called the problem was fixed. Unfortunately we have a bad combination of old pipes and high water pressure which often causes this kind of problem.

So on Saturday I was keen to get going. I started by painting the radiator, skirting boards and even the door frame (I wasn't quite ready to tackle the actual door yet!) so after a break I thought I'd make a start on the separate toilet as there was wallpaper stripping to do in there too. I pulled up the carpet and it felt a bit damp and as I pulled it further my fears were revealed to be true, more water - another leak! So another call to the poor plumber, another pipe fixed! After this my attention was then drawn to how bumpy the floor looked, how many tacks needed pulling out and I began to question how well the lino is going to lay on it!

On Sunday I started stripping the wallpaper and that's all I did all day taking breaks only to iron, clean the guinea pigs and make a roast dinner! So this morning I was still there. There were three layers of paper which seemed to be superglued to the wall. And I don't even want to think about the walls underneath! Definately won't be just a layer of paint going back on there. I was so relieved to have all the wallpaper off but as soon as that was done it has been a rush to paint skirting boards, door frames and more in between school/preschool drop offs and pick ups. Luckily no-one commented on my paint smudged hands and face.

I'm sure the bathroom and toilet will look fab in the end but it has become a far bigger project than anticipated!!
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