Our Favourite Free Trip Out

gorilla bikeUnbelievably we've managed to go the whole summer without going for trip to our favourite local park for a walk or cycle ride. Normally we'd pop down there all the time at the weekend and after pre-school. Youngs Park in Paignton has so much to keep the children entertained: a lake with ducks; conservation area; lovely cafe; family pub with soft play area, childrens play park and of course the beach! There's also plenty of space to run around, nice paths and the sea front for riding bikes and scooters as well as plenty of grass and benches for picnics. We are so lucky to have of all this walking distance from our home.

Although we regularly walk down, I haven't taken my daughter on her bike for a while as it's so busy in the summer and because she is not confident enough cycle all the way down there I would end up paying for parking. So despite the colder weather setting it, we can now take advantage of the free parking! We had a lovely time a few days ago, taking advantage of the time my daughter has off before starting school next week, the sun was even still shining and we found another gorillas from the trail. After a short bike ride to the park, I soon discovered one of the disadvantages of the off-peak season - the public toilets were shut. So in the end what I saved on parking I spent buying a drink in cafe so we could use the facilities!


With plenty of climbing in the park, the girls got rid of some energy and my eldest is slowly gaining confidence on her bike. My youngest has a little bike too which I picked up cheap at a car boot sale but I'm yet to venture out with two on bikes until one is at least stable, A few more trips to our favourite place and we'll almost be there!

Do you take advantage of your local parks? What great parks are there in your area? Please share!
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