SH Day #24 and #25: A Budget Weekend Away


Just a quick one tonight as we are a little weary after a couple of days away! A few months ago I was lucky enough to win a family ticket to Bowood House near Chippenham. As it is a two and half hour drive away we decided to combine the day out with a trip to my husband's grandparents (or as the children call them, G.G's) and a rather good value Sunday night Travelodge room for just £32.

On Sunday, we had good weather, a lovely lunch with the G.G's, ice creams in the park and gymnastics in the garden (mummy included - turns out I can still do a cartwheel, although a little more painful than I remember!). After a not too traumatic night in the Travelodge (no screaming or tantrums, just a bit of a late night and a few "please just stay in your beds") we enjoyed a nice breakfast at Morrisons Cafe (fry up for not much more than £3) and a nice day out at Bowood House. More details to follow in a review to come soon.


Now as I still have two girls watching Peppa Pig in the lounge (they slept in the car on the way home) I'm off to persuade them into bed...
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