Monday Meal Planning – 23/06/14

Unfortunately it seems to get progressively more unhealthy as the week goes on… Mainly as I was after easy meals over the weekend, leaving plenty of time for packing and celebrating my Mum’s birthday. It’s also a busy few days at work and I have a rare night out Friday too so hopefully back to a more balanced plan next week! Quite a few things have been recycled from last week using last week’s offers – didn’t stop me spending a fortune again this week though – those Nutmeg sale items just keep slipping into my trolley!

This week I shopped in Morrisons

 Dinner  Dessert  Special Offers/Bargains
 Monday Puff pastry squares with red onion, pepper, cherry tomatoes and soft cheese with rocket salad Raspberries with fromage frais
  • Raspberries in 2 for £3 offer
 Tuesday Salmon (with chilli sauce for us!), rice and broccoli Strawberries and blueberries with ice cream
  •  Broccoli 49p
  • Blueberries 99p
  • Strawberry packs 2 for £3
 Wednesday Vegetable curry and poppadoms Muller corner yogurt
  • Muller corners x 6 £1.94
 Thursday Quiche, jacket potato, sweetcorn and carrots Bananas and custard  
 Friday Tuna pasta bake Rice pudding and jam
 Saturday BBQ: Quorn burgers and sausages Ice lollies  
 Sunday Pizza, chips and beans Tinned fruit salad
  • Goodfella’s stonebaked margherita pizza £1.34

Other deals at Morrisons this week:

Gala apple, sweetclem and nectarine and blueberry packs 99p

Various fruit 3 for £2 including cherries, strawberries, grapes and raspberries

Plum and sharon fruit packs 69p

Dairylea dunkers x 4 2 for £3

Morrisons 4 pint milk 3 for £3

Activia yogurts x 8 £2

Club biscuits x 8 £1

Mcvities chocolate digestive biscuits £1

Mini cheddar and Jacob’s crinklys x 7 90p

Pampers baby wipes £1


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2 Responses to Monday Meal Planning – 23/06/14

  1. Kim Carberry says:

    Yum! Everything sounds great!! Loving the desserts :) x

  2. Michelle says:

    Oh I havent had bananas and custard since I was little! I loved it, might have to do it for the girls, a perfect easy and simple treat, thanks!

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