Giveaway: 4 x Energy Saving Lightbulbs

Is anybody’s new year’s resolution to save energy? If so, these could come in handy. They may not save you hundreds of pounds but according to the Energy Saving Trust, replacing just one regular bulb with an energy saving alternative could save you £3 a year – so this could be your first £12 saving!


To be in with a chance of winning, just share your energy saving tip using the Rafflecopter below:

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287 Responses to Giveaway: 4 x Energy Saving Lightbulbs

  1. jo hutchinson says:

    if you have a chimney make sure it is draft free

  2. melanie stirling says:

    Do a full load of washing,don’t just do a bit at a time.

  3. Tracey Peach says:

    Turn off anything you are not using

  4. aj says:

    Turn tv and other equipment off when not in use do not leave on standbuy.

  5. Susan Crosswaite says:

    Turn your thermostat down by one degree

  6. Hassni says:

    Close the doors of the rooms to keep the heat in.

  7. Shower not bath. And then don’t stand under the shower for ages as if you were having a bath! (cough, cough, maybe guilty of that!)

  8. pinklady123 says:

    Try to only do full loads with the tumble drier (if you have to use it at all), rather than just using it for one pair or jeans which is occasionally done in our household….

  9. John Taggart says:

    Use LED energy saving bulbs they are not only more efficient than the old type energy saving bulbs but look more like the old fashioned type of standard bulb

  10. hazel haskayne says:

    don’t leave lights on when there is no need to.

  11. Pam Francis Gregory says:

    When the weather is nice (!) put washing out to dry as opposed to using the Tumble Dryer

  12. Melanie W says:

    I have an open fire and when not in use a use a chimney balloon to stop heat loss & drafts, this is the best investment I made last year

  13. mary heald says:

    switch off lights when leave the room

  14. lisa says:

    Loft insulation. Worth the upfront cost in the long run

  15. iain says:

    don’t waste any

  16. clairew137 says:

    Turning things off when not using them.

  17. LynneH says:

    Turn things off whenever you’re not using them

  18. claire matthews-curtis says:

    Turn things off instead of leaving them on standby

  19. Jo Jones says:

    Keep reading utility meters each month to see what you are using & do not accept estimated bills so the energy companies are holding on to your money in excess

  20. Julie Tift says:

    Don’t forget to turn out the lights when you leave the room – you may not re-enter the room as soon as you think.

  21. Cheryl Kean says:

    dry washing on radiators or cloths horse not tumble dryer.

  22. Allan Smith says:

    Turn the light out when you leave a room!

  23. lynn mitchell says:

    this is great

  24. priya says:

    dont leave appliances on standby mode, they do consume electricity

  25. jennifer haden says:

    try to avoid drying clothes in the dryer, I usually put them next to the radiator if it’s on.

  26. jennifer haden says:

    wear jumpers or warm clothes to avoid using the radiator

  27. Sheila Reeves says:

    Use dryers that go over the bath if it’s too wet for washing to be hung outside

  28. katie Kathurima says:

    turn lights off

  29. Stephanie Tsang says:

    Use energy saving lightbulbs!

  30. Julie Savage says:

    Turn lights off when no one is in the room and dont leave your TV on standby

  31. Francesca Tuck says:

    Turn appliances off at the wall.

  32. Hazel Rea says:

    Draw the curtains before dusk each evening to keep the heat in.

  33. Paul Bennett says:

    Get an energy meter, it will show you just what is using the electric and how much

  34. Kyle Dale says:

    Cling film on the windows to preserve heat, or foil behind radiators.

  35. julie laing says:

    turn off appliances rather than leave them on standby

  36. Angel says:

    Stay in bed as much as possible.

  37. Jackie ONeill says:

    turn thermostat down and turn off radiators in rooms you do not use

  38. Phil Darling says:

    pour cold water into your coffee mug – the pour that into your empty kettle and see how much water you need for just one cup – mark that on the guage and then you’ll never overfill again

  39. Carol Peace says:

    Turning off lights when you are not in the room.

  40. Kiran Parry says:

    Don’t leave anything on stand by. Turn switches off when not in use.

  41. Emma Walton says:

    Put tin foil behind your radiators and then turn the thermostat down a degree or two.

  42. stacy sorrell says:

    turn lights off when leaving a room, and turn things eg tv/dvd off instead of standby. also turn heaters off in rooms not used during the day e.g bedrooms

  43. Samantha J says:

    turn lights off when not in the room

  44. don’t leave anything on standby and always turn lights off in rooms not being used

  45. Renee Armstrong says:

    line dry clothes

  46. Keith says:

    Got a modern Tv that cut running cost in 1/2.

  47. Andy Caldwell says:

    close doors to keep heat in

  48. gillian burden says:

    Do a full load of washing

  49. Stephen Ash says:

    Close the fridge door when putting milk in tea or on cereal.

  50. John Thompson says:

    I have lined the wall behind my radiators with tinfoil, apparently it reflects heat back into the room.

  51. Caroline H says:

    Don’t heat rooms that you don’t use a lot like spare bedrooms and cloakrooms.

  52. Rob Griffiths says:

    Loft insulation, saves a fortune.

  53. Emma nixon says:

    Wear extra layer, long sleeved top etc and turn heating down a few degrees

  54. Clifford Sherwood says:

    Turn down the central heating

  55. laura stewart says:

    only use what you need

  56. georg ball says:

    unplug charges

  57. Paul Scotland says:

    Turn off appliances which are not in use – this means turning off standby too.

  58. grainne marnell-fox says:

    switch the lights off when you leave the room

  59. Elaine Dale says:

    turn lights off when watching TV, you can see by light of the telly

  60. turn lights off when not in the room

  61. Chris K says:

    Use more renewable energy sources such as Solar Power.

  62. Ashleigh says:

    don’t leave things on stand by!

  63. sarah birkett says:

    Get an electricity monitor. It really makes you think about leaving lights etc on

  64. Claire D says:

    Open the oven door after use to heat the kitchen

  65. Sara Davis says:

    close curtains

  66. sarah rees says:

    turn appliances off at the wall when not in use

  67. Lisa Sands says:

    Thick curtains :) x

  68. faye gardner says:

    Sit on my backside with a cup of hot chocolate whilst watching the telly. No only joking. My best energy saving tip is not heating rooms that you dont use

  69. Rachel Craig says:

    Switch equipment off at socket and unplug, rather than leaving on standby.

  70. Keshia Esgate says:

    only have the light on in the room you are sitting in

  71. Allan Wilson says:

    Wear plenty woollies instead of turning up heat.

  72. turn things off stand by

  73. Laura Love says:

    Dry clothes on a clothes horse instead of using the tumble dryer

  74. Jill Webb says:

    Have good curtians and shut them as soon as it gets dark

  75. Christopher Millward says:

    turn radiators down in rooms not being used all the time

  76. Gail Bennett says:

    Generally just turn things off (not on stand by) when not in use.

  77. shirley evans says:

    Thermal linings on your curtains

  78. Val says:

    Using Low Energy light bulbs are the best.

  79. Monika S says:

    If you have a pond turn the filter off for a night. Filter is an energy eater :(

  80. Caroline Blaza says:

    Don’t leave anything on standby

  81. while your oven is on make use of it and bake some goodies that you can freeze for another day

  82. Michael Scoates says:

    Place draught excluders at every gap under doors, they’ll keep the house from losing temperature, meaning less energy required to keep it warm.

  83. sofia s. says:

    i dont leave the electric machines standby at nights

  84. rose p says:

    get your husband to do the housework

  85. emma falvi says:

    when anything electric is on make sure you turn them off rather than keep them on stand by


    Invest in a good wool jumper – cuts the heating bills drastically

  87. Hannah ONeill says:

    Do full loads of washing

  88. Turn the TV off – don’t leave on standby

  89. Spencer Broadley says:

    I always make sure that lights are on only where needed and also turn my tv/video/dvd/sky off at night rather than standby (only takes 30 seconds to put them back in running order in a morning)

  90. samantha price says:

    if u dont need it on then switch it off

  91. Scott Fallon says:

    Turn unused lights off

  92. TRACEY HUBER says:

    Teach the kids to turn off lights

  93. Vivienne Wilkes says:

    Try to use your slow cooker rather than turning the oven on.

  94. Isabel O'Brien says:

    Wash everything on a cold wash.

  95. jenny reynolds says:

    put sheets of foil behind radiators to radiate the heat into room

  96. Craig Harper says:

    Get someone else to pay your electric bill :-) hehe… best tip :-)

  97. michele omalley says:

    Unplug plugs when not in use and dont leave lights on when not in use

  98. Kevin Honey says:

    Keep the curtains behind the radiator

  99. Tammy Tudor says:

    put lots of layers on to save on heating

  100. Switch things off when not in use – don’t just leave on standby.

  101. Patricia Edwards says:

    Turn the heating down a notch and wear an extra layer

  102. Kaylie Goldup says:

    Of an evening when I want to watch TV I go upstairs so I can get into bed and stay warm under the duvet therefore being able to turn the heating off!

  103. Paula perrie says:

    Try candles to light the room instead off lightbulbs.. Also might put you in the mood !

  104. Deborah Torr says:

    Wear more wooly jumpers!

  105. Wear extra layers of clothing instead of cranking the heating up x

  106. Julie Ward says:

    get your kids educated, they don’t care they don’t pay the bills

  107. Turn your thermostat down by one degree

  108. Switch things off at the plug, to eliminate phantom power use.

  109. Stevie Fairbairn says:

    Share the bath.

  110. Catherine Culmer says:

    Make sure all your windows and doors have sufficient foam/silicon round the edges so there are no drafts. We have had all ours re done and don’t use the heating half as much as there are no cold draughts anymore.

  111. stephanie Whitehouse says:

    wrap up in a snuggly rug or blanket, and set the heating to come on later and turn off earlier

  112. close curtains at dusk as it stops the heat escaping via windows

  113. Janet Taylor says:

    Fit double glazing to reduce heat loss through windows

  114. michelle bennett says:

    Do not leave things on standby and layer clothing to keep warm instead of turning the heating up

  115. Alexandra Maniatis says:

    Turn the heat down when no one is home.

  116. Gabrielle Svensson says:

    Unplug things when they are not in use

  117. caroline hird says:

    turn off plugs at the wall to ensure no energy is switched on

  118. Switch your appliances off at the wall when not in use

  119. William Gould says:

    Switch modern TV’s off at the socket as they still use electricity when the TV switch is switched off! Also, thermal lining to curtains make a huge difference. Make sure you draw them all in the house (windows and external doors) at dusk to keep the heat in.

  120. Ann Skamarauskas says:

    At the end of the day get into the habit of unplugging electrical items you usually leave on standby

  121. Colin Gault says:

    urn tv and other equipment off when not in use do not leave on standby

  122. Jason Henson says:

    Simple things:
    Don’t leave things on standby
    Turn off lights when not using room
    Turn radiators down in little used rooms

  123. Greig Spencer says:

    don’t leave lights on when there is no need to HAVE THEM ON

  124. Becky Shorting says:

    Turn things off, little things like microwave toaster and kettle can save a lot in the long run

  125. christy b says:

    Dont use a tumble dryer x

  126. Pamela Cook says:

    just turn your heting down a few degrees and you can save quite a lot during the year

  127. Emma Hann says:

    Switch lights off when not in the room

  128. andrea lloyd says:

    turn off at the switch any appliances not in use,full washer,and i use the washing up water on my flowers

  129. Clint Thompson says:

    Close the doors of the rooms to keep the heat in.

  130. Kim Campbell says:

    use a hot water bottle instead of electric blanket

  131. moonshine037 says:

    lights off as much as possible

  132. Janet T says:

    Turn lights out when you are not in the room.

  133. nicola hardman says:

    close your curtain as soon as its dark, it will save a lot of heat

  134. Solange says:

    Turn things off from the mains instead of leaving them on standby

  135. christine shelley says:

    Put clothes out on the line even in the winter

  136. Have loads of tips, all work and cost nothing or very little, here we go. Shut doors, check if you got draught excluders on internal doors, if you got one, turn the radiator control knob on boiler down a few degrees, If you have individual controls on each radiator, turn to zero in rooms you don’t use. If you got a newer fridge, freezer with lots of controls, and you don’t go in there much then put the controls to ‘holiday’ mode. Don’t use a tumble dryer, just do a final spin again on washing machine and hang clothes out on clothes horses, why not the Queen ain’t going to visit. On that note, plan your washing so you don’t need that top that day so you can slow dry. We have confirmed doing just these we have saved £45 on our gas and electric this quarter just gone (Oct-Jan) with the same last year. We very impressed.

  137. n parker says:

    Turn down heating and put an extra layer on!

  138. Emma L says:

    Energy saving tip: Put on clothes before you turn on the heating. Don’t be embarassed to include hats and gloves!

  139. Carol Mclemore says:

    Cover your windows at night in the winter

  140. Pamela says:

    Fill the dishwasher before turning it on – don’t use when there’s still room for more items in it!

  141. Kate ONeill says:

    Teach the kids to turn everything off at the wall from a young age so it becomes second nature!

  142. Claire Turvey says:

    turn lights off unless needed – especially drum this into the children!

  143. Jayne T says:

    Cook in bulk and freeze some for another day.

  144. laura jayne bates says:

    only put the water in the kettle you need

  145. Robby Price says:

    Make sure everything is turned off

  146. rebecca nisbet says:

    never leave anything on standby, only boil water in your kettle for what you need never fill it to the top, and only boil it when you know you will use it straight away so you don’t need to boil it again.

  147. laura jones says:

    switch off switch off switch off lights plugs tvs etc

  148. james harland says:

    door curtains, draught excluders

  149. Ian Yates says:

    Smart meters are the way. If you see it – you moderate.

  150. george brown says:

    simply switch lights off when not in use

  151. Fiona Mallard says:

    Don’t leave things on standby overnight – turn off at the wall

  152. Angela Pickup says:

    turning heating down when your not in the house, or in bed at night
    Switching lights off in rooms that your not using, closing doors to rooms
    Only boiling one cup full of water
    Putting the washing on for an extra spin then putting on clothes airer to dry

  153. Sarah Rees says:

    Always turn the tv off at the plug and save electric.

  154. Nathan Webb says:

    LED Lighting!

  155. Nikki Hayes says:

    Put on a jumper rather than putting on the heating.

  156. Ellen Nixon says:

    boil a kettle and fill a pump flask with the boiling water – you can have hot drinks all day and save money not having to keep boiling the kettle every time

  157. Kate Duckmanton says:

    Teach the children to make sure they turn things off!

  158. Sarah Parkin says:

    If your not in the room, turn off the light!

  159. Patricia Avery says:

    In cold weather cook more than you need when making stews and casseroles then freeze for use on a day when you haven’t time to cook. Slow cookers are great for large quantities and energy efficient too :)

  160. rob mackey says:

    Unplug mobile chargers when not in use

  161. Reader says:

    We unplug all electrical appliances as soon as we’ve finished using them. :)

  162. Nicola Holland says:

    Turn electrical items off when not using them like lights, laptops, chargers etc :)

  163. kenneth jackson says:

    make sure all windows and doors are draught proof

  164. zoe bryan says:

    put on a extra jumper rather then turn the heating on

  165. paul vellins says:

    turn appliances off at night

  166. Joanne benham says:

    Turn off the lights when you leave a room and don’t leave electrical equipment on standby.

  167. julie camm says:

    Get loft insulation

  168. rosemary sheehan says:

    Hot water bottles instead of an electrical blanket

  169. SamB says:

    Tuck curtains in behind radiators to keep warmth in and minimise drafts.

  170. lucia jefferson says:

    Put tin foil behind your radiators to reflect the heat

  171. Penny Ford says:

    If at all possible try not to use the tumble drier. It eats electricity

  172. Maureen Moss says:

    put on extra clothes in the winter months don’t walk around in summer gear. That way you can turn the heating down a fraction.

  173. Judi says:

    turn everything off as much as possible.

  174. Lisa Valentine says:

    Always turn off the light when leaving a room!

  175. debbie godbolt says:

    turn off lights in rooms no one is using :)

  176. Natalie Gillham says:

    make sure everyone in the home turns off anything not in use :)

  177. Jamie says:

    Turn it off when finished whether lights or plugs, once charged turn it off :)

  178. Emma Wolski says:

    Get everyone to do their activities in one room if you can stand it lol so you don’t have lots lights, tv’s etc on and can turn down radiators etc, You will get each others body heat too!!

  179. put tin foil behind your radiators

  180. Sheri Darby says:

    Turn off everything when you stop using it

  181. turn the tv off properly, not standby

  182. andrea tinkler says:

    Use energy light bulbs to help cut down on bills as well

  183. Christina Jarrett says:

    Turn down the heating and use an electric blanket at night instead! :)

  184. Janice Mackin says:

    Switch off anything that is not being used.

  185. Angela Williams says:

    dont leave appliances on standby mode

  186. Stuart Bates says:

    turn stats down 1 degree

  187. Mark Palmer says:

    Woodburning stoves

  188. tiffany callan says:

    make sure you turn laptops, pc’s and radios off when not using them

  189. Laura Vitty says:

    Put foil onto the wall behind radiators to reflect heat and stop it being absorbed by the wall

  190. tightenyourbelt says:

    Switch of lights when you leave the room

  191. LEAH SULLIVAN says:

    Turn your thermostat by a degree or two and you can save energy and money x

  192. lindsey stuart says:

    I notice my kettle uses alot of electricity and i am a big coffee drinker and if you are too then a wee tip that works for me that could work for you too is to use a flask! this should keep you going all day and you wont need to use your kettle (Not so much anyway)
    Also make sure you turn electrics off after you are finished with them
    A great tip is to try do your load of washing in the evening it is cheaper in the evening after 7pm

  193. Donna Kent says:

    Turn everything on over night where possible. Dishwashers, washing machines and tumbe dryers are much cheaper to run after 10pm.

  194. Thick curtains and draught excluders keep the house warmer

  195. Lisa Fletcher says:

    Turn off anything your not using.

  196. David Jackson says:

    only fill the kettle to what you require

  197. Hayley Todd says:

    Try to be aware of leaving any unnecessary lights left on and appliances left plugged-in or on standby. It’s amazing just how much money you can save by switching off plugs!

  198. enigma35 says:

    Only put enough water in the kettle to do what you need

  199. Jo Booth says:

    close doors and turn radiators off in rooms not being used :-)

  200. melanie sears says:

    use only what water you need in the kettle

  201. Maria Jane Knight says:

    Switch everything off an night and don’t leave stereos, televisions, microwaves etc on standby. Not only is it more energy saving but its safer too.

  202. Deborah Bird says:

    Turn things off when not using! Lights, TV, even heating!

  203. Liz Marriott says:

    If you’re not using it, switch it off

  204. don’t leave anything on standby – switch them off completely!

  205. Alison says:

    Don’t leave things on standby and turn things off when not in use

  206. taja mckenzie-hughes says:

    dont leave appliance on stand by

  207. Diana says:

    Low energy bulbs. Never leave charger plugged when you not charging anything and never leave your laptop on sleeping mode.

  208. Richard Turner says:

    Turn down the central heating thermostat

  209. Kirsty Harrington says:

    Turn the light off when you leave the room, even if its only for a minute!

  210. Jenny Rogers says:

    Close curtains at dusk and tuck them behind radiators.

  211. Ruth Liddle-Howden says:

    use a blanket instead of heating!

  212. Natalie Crossan says:

    Use candles instead of lights but be safe!

  213. cathyj says:

    always turn the lights out when leaving a room empty!

  214. tobys proud mummy toys says:

    Wearing more jumpers, socks and slippers around the house, and putting an extra blanket on the bed means you won’t be tempted to turn the heating up. And a chance to cuddle up to your partner in bed xxxx

  215. simon hardy says:

    keep doors closed to ensure heat stays in your rooms

  216. Sharon Burroughs says:

    Turn everything off when your not using it.

  217. julie baxter says:

    if you have the heating on and have some clothes to dry. dry the clothes on the radiator instead of using tumble dryer. duel purpose :)

  218. joanne holton says:

    turn every thing off when not in use!!!!

  219. Emily Knight says:

    Wear thermals and turn your heating down – one layer of thermal clothing means you can turn down the thermostat by 4 degrees!

  220. Garry says:

    Visit friends and family more often.

  221. Natalie White says:

    Run around the house and switch everything off at the plug before you go to bed! Make it a routine.

  222. saz palmer says:

    follow the kids around turning all the lights they turn on so your place doesn’t look like blackpool illuminations x

  223. Helen Craigs says:

    Turn off radiators in unused rooms or turn down individual radiator thermostats in bedrooms

  224. Danika Grace Lloyd says:

    Leave the heating off when weather mild & put & jumper & thick socks on

  225. kat says:

    Switching electrics off is not enough, I was told they still generate power although switched off, you have to pull the plug from the wall to make a difference.

  226. carol phile says:

    use draught excluders at the bottom of doors

  227. vandervaulk says:

    always turn off & unplug electrical appliances when not in use,

  228. Janine Atkin says:

    switch lights off when not in use

  229. Leo Mulligan says:

    switch off unwanted lights

  230. barbara steer says:

    if any appliance is not in use we even pull the plugs out

  231. Wendy Guy says:

    Turn off the lights as you go from room to room.

  232. graham wright says:

    don’t leave things running when you dont need to use them

  233. Karen Dixon says:

    Turn lights off when you leave a room

  234. Lacemaker says:

    Don’t leave electrical devices on standby, but turn off completely

  235. stephen Turner says:

    use energy saving bulbs

  236. omgitslani says:

    Making sure that you only charge phones or laptops for as long as necessary… and unplug chargers when you are done!

  237. Sarah Parker says:

    turn off lights when you leave a room :)

  238. Heather Simpson says:

    Put on an extra jumper before putting on the heating

  239. Erica field says:

    Wear layers, including slippers. Make sure the whole family does and THEN set your heating x

  240. lisa tebbutt says:

    turn the light’s off

  241. Gillian Hutchison says:

    put a heavy curtain at the front door

  242. Jayne B says:

    Only but the heating on when you really need it, try to avoid the timer if possible

  243. Hannah Smith says:

    turn your toaster off after you use it!!


  244. Georgia Keogh says:

    Do the regular clothes was at 20 degrees and turn the spin on it down.

  245. emma furniss says:

    turn your hot water down a few degrees

  246. Turn the heating down a notch and use a snuggle blanket when sat watching tv :D

  247. Holly Boyd says:

    Turn all appliances off of a night. Standby eats electricity.

  248. Helen Aiken says:

    Get a draught excluder, to keep in. Especially useful at any external door.
    We have one at our front porch area which isn’t heated and it slid onto the bottom of the door, which means it moves with the door and stops any draughts when the door is closed.

  249. Jane Middleton says:

    Turn all appliances off when not using them and switch all sockets off.

  250. amanda says:

    keep doors closed and draw the curtains as it gets dark keeps the heat in

  251. Sam Furniss says:

    Never leave appliances on standby, always switch them off at the socket.

  252. Susan Carruthers says:

    Turn computers off or use hibernate rather than standby

  253. Bohdan Kuczynski says:

    Turn your thermostat down and wear an additional layer if cold

  254. amy scullion says:

    Unplug everything not using & try not to use tumble drier

  255. sandy henry says:

    Dont leave lights on when not needed x

  256. Lauren Old says:

    Don’t leave electrical appliances on standby. Turn them off completely by the mains if possible.

  257. Zoe Wilkinson says:

    If you are not using something turn it off and don’t leave it on standby.
    Only boil the kettle with the amount of water you need.

  258. Emma witton says:

    Switch off all sockets and lights when not in use.

  259. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    A switch timer is really useful

  260. Wanda Malt says:

    Turn off all lights and appliances when not in use. Heat home to few degrees lower

  261. trevor linvell says:

    Close doors and make sure to block any drafts to keep in warmth. Good insulation really helps too.

  262. LORNA WIL says:

    Use only energy saving lights. bulbs and turn off all switches when not in use. It help yoiu saves money and the the environment.

  263. jodie harvey says:

    turn off lights and sockets when not in use – the kids have the idea but the partner…. well he still needs a nudge every now and again lol

  264. lucy rose says:

    Wear extra layers.

  265. Lucy Durling says:

    My tip comes from what my nan and grandad always used to say to me. “Switch the lights off and shut the doors”. I find myself saying exactly the same now to my children with the added bit of switch the tv off. Also I take everything off standby and switch the plugs off at night.

  266. David Allen says:

    turn off lights that aren’t needed ;-)

  267. Alisa Moore says:

    turn your thermostat down a few points and it saves a fair bit off your heating bill

  268. Even with Energy saving bulbs,, make sure your house doesn’t look like it’s hosting the Blackpool Illuminations!

  269. Samantha R says:

    unplug things you are not using and turn lights off when you leave a room

  270. As energy price rise every single year with out fail,we come up with new ways as a whole family, on ways we can save on energy bills, one of the best ones we have found is, if you can be out of the house for aslong as possible it really does save you money, and helps keep the whole family fit at the same time, the obvious ones like switching lights off, or anything your not using at the time, we always do, never leave anything on standby as this takes electricity, in the winter months, we try to just heat the one room we are in at the time, but by being in the great out doors, really does save money, even if its just for a walk, it cost nothing to go out for a walk, good-luck everyone

  271. Cally Martin says:

    Turn of everything that we are not using :)

  272. Nichola Williams says:

    Don’t leave items on standyby.

  273. Jill Fairbank says:

    Turn the thermostat down a few degrees you can save money

  274. Matt Brasier says:

    switch off lights when you leave the room

  275. supersco says:

    Make sure you have enough insulation & turn off appliances when not in use.

  276. Simon Emery says:

    Put on jumper rather than turning up the thermostat

  277. Chris Fletcher says:

    Cook large portions & Eat leftovers!

  278. Katie Walden Hall says:

    Turn lights off when you leave the room!

  279. jackie rushton says:

    Wear lots of layers inside instead of turning the heating up

  280. aaron milne says:

    Wear an extra day

  281. aaron milne says:

    Wear an extra layer

  282. Charlotte Jones says:

    Only have on what is necessary – turn lights on when not in the room, turn the heating down/off when not needed etc

  283. Katherine L says:

    Draft-proof your house. We’ve done that for the first time this year and it’s made a massive difference in keeping the heat in!

  284. extra insulate your loft and use the stickyback foam strips to stop drafts through doors and windows

  285. Daniel Reid says:

    Draught excluder by the front door – keep the cold out!

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