Summer Reading Challenging 2014 – Mythical Maze

reading challenge

We kicked off our summer holidays today with a trip to the library where the girls registered for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge: Mythical Maze. All you need to do is sign up at your local library, read 6 books throughout the summer holidays and you can collect stickers and other rewards along the way. There are also competitions to enter and our library is running additional weekly activities for children around the Mythical Maze theme too. What a great way to keep your children reading over the summer holidays – and all for FREE too!

For more information take a look at the website here, or visit your local library to sign up.

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Busy Times!


Just a little picture to sum up why there isn’t a lot happening on the blog at the moment! Fingers crossed we are moving on Tuesday but not having exchanged contracts yet, its all sill up in the air. Meanwhile, I can only assume it is a good possibility all our worldly goods need to be packed up and ready to go by then, so we are just a little busy to say the least. Normal blog posts will resume asap. : )

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Meal Planning Monday – 07/07/14

Looks like we are finally on the move next Tuesday so definitely no meal plan next week. Assuming that it goes ahead, I expect it will be a mixture of takeaway, meals out and pasta and sauce for a while before I get to give my new kitchen a proper try! So this week is more using up with some easy things towards the end of the week in case we’re not packed yet!

Main Course



Fresh pizza with garlic bread, potato smiles and salad Bananas and icecream


Leftovers vegetable lasagne (including frozen spinach and peas) Strawberries and blackberries


Vegetable kiev/vegetable fingers with jacket potato and sweetcorn Fresh Melon


Fresh tortellini pasta with vegetable sauce and cheese Ginger cake


Fish pie ready meal with peas and carrots Lemon Mousse


Out  Out


Quorn southern style burgers with chips and baked beans Raspberry angel delight

mondaymeal planning

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Silent Sunday – 06/07/14



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Our little adventure with Barny…

We went on a little adventure with Barny at Coleton Fishacre Gardens in Kingswear, Devon:

All ready for our adventure…

girlsBut don’t forget the the Barny bears!


“What can we find in here?”


Sadly, no water-boatman to tick off in our book, so let’s have a splash!


Ooh, some more animals! this time its colourful fish


And what an amazing, huge dragonfly!


Time for jumping…




And then a well-earned rest!


Wow, what amazing plants!


Searching for pandas…

elbamboo Leaves bigger than us!


More animals discoveries


“Let’s make it a home”


A giant fir cone!


And great sticks too!


Ooh… sounds exciting!


“Look what we found”

girls view

Just time for a little climbing…


Phew… definitely time for a snack:






“Yummy! Can we have another adventure with Barny?”



For those of you not yet acquainted with *this* little feller, Barny is a delicious sponge bear with a hidden centre that is available in four yummy flavours - chocolate, milk, apple and strawberry.

Barny contains no artificial colours or preservatives and is carefully baked with ingredients including wheat flour, milk, eggs and sugar. Individually wrapped for portion control and with a cardboard tray for convenience, Barny is a convenient tasty snack for little adventures!

We went on a little adventure with Barny as part of the Mumsnet Bloggers – Barny’s Little Adventures Blog Hop!

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Meal Planning Monday – 30/06/14

It’s yet another busy, busy week with several different things going on at school along with more packing and celebrating my mum and a friends birthday. However, things need using up from the freezer which has forced me to be a little more creative this week while trying to keep it fairly simple. The hake was a bargain, something I’ve never tried and was really easy to cook. The curry will use up some lentils and I’m going to try serving it with the pita bread as my girls aren’t too keen on rice. Saturday is just so crazy, we’ll be lucky if we have time to grab a ready meal that day. But hoping to relax with a nice roast on Sunday which should be more of a low-key day with plenty of gradual packing!

Main Course



Pan-fried hake with mixed roasted vegetables and new potatoes Apple pie and cream


Red lentil and sweet potato curry with pita bread Strawberries and grapes


Sweet and sour quorn pieces and vegetable stir fry with noodles Raspberry angel delight


Tomato and sweet red pepper pasta with cheese Yogurts


Veggie sausage, mash, kale and gravy Tinned peaches with ice cream


-  -


Vegetarian roast – potatoes, parsnips, carrots, swede, yorkshire pudding and peas Rice pudding

mondaymeal planning

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Silent Sunday – 29/06/14


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