Welcome to Happy Smiley People!

We are the Happy Smiley family from sunny (most of the time anyway!) Paignton in Devon, England.

I'm Emma, 30 years young - I work part time but spend most of my time as the family boss/organiser/child carer/taxi/cleaner/cook etc...! If I ever manage a little me time I enjoy running, relaxing baths, wine and chocolate (preferably in that order!)

Rich, my husband is the hard worker of the family but when he's not busy working he spends his time ferrying the girls around and likes going on his bike, computer games and being involved in all our family fun!

My eldest daughter P is 6 years old, in year 1 at school - she is very well behaved, loves reading, writing and animals and is always smiling!

My younger daughter E is 4 years old, currently at preschool 3 days a week - she is the feisty one of the family, determined and strong-willed but can also be very caring, she currently loves ponies and unicorns!

H is the smallest member of the family at 7 months old - he is very laid back character, super smiley and loves noisy toys and biting things!

I have been writing this blog on and off now for a couple of years and it has slowly evolved along the way. It is a record of the fun times we share as a family as well as a way of sharing ideas for days out, crafts, cooking, reviews, competitions and more. 

I hope you enjoy reading!

Emma Bradshaw