Welcome to Happy Smiley People!

We are the Happy Smiley family from sunny (most of the time anyway!) Paignton in Devon, England.

I'm Emma (30)  - I work part time as a copywriter for our family web development business but spend the majority of my time as the family boss/organiser/child carer/taxi/cleaner/cook etc...! If I ever manage to find a little 'me time' I enjoy running (but not too far and definitely NO hills!), relaxing baths, reading, wine and chocolate (preferably in that order). I also like owls, sausage dogs, and the colour teal. I strive to be super organised and have everything neat and matching however this very rarely happens in our constantly crazy household!

Rich, my husband, is the hard worker of the family but when he's not busy building websites and apps for our customers, he enjoys cycling, playing the guitar, watching whole series' of random things on Netflix (sometimes with me!) and of course being involved in all our family fun!

My eldest daughter P is 7 years old, in year 2 at school. She is very well behaved, loves reading, writing and animals and is always smiling. She is also completely obsessed with Lego - especially Lego Friends and her floor is constantly covered in it!

My younger daughter E is 4 years old, in Reception at school. She is the feisty one of the family, determined and strong-willed so challenging at times but can also be very caring. She is currently into unicorns, Shopkins and anything pink, she loves any arts and crafts  and is very good at Maths. 

H is the smallest member of the family at just 1 year old. He is fairly chilled out most of the time, loves crawling around, eating cat biscuits and saying 'woof-woof,' 'cat' and 'ooh...'  He is currently disinterested in most of his toys, preferring to explore the house in search of anything messy or dangerous!

I have been writing this blog on and off for several years now and it is constantly evolving. It is a record of the fun times we share as a family as well my running adventures and a way of sharing ideas, reviews, competitions and more. 

I hope you enjoy reading!

Emma Bradshaw